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Training Policy

Orbit Group continues to improve its overall employee skills and relations through the correct training of all employees within their specified requirements. Our policy has always been to encourage growth from within the organisation through the following criteria.
  • Encourage all current and newly recruited staff to complete Certificate 2 & 3 of the following accreditation courses.
  • Staff cross training assists Staff optimisation and provides new opportunities within the Organisation to ensure improved productivity.
  • Allowing staff to work within a team environment and encourage solving solutions to problems within their immediate environment.
  • Recognising Staff through monthly performance reviews directly attributed to their individual as well as team work.
  • Ensure all health and safety training modules for each location is in place, including material safety data sheets, chemical usage and machinery manuals for easy reference.
Through team work and regular meetings at all staff levels, Orbit Group has maintained a satisfactory level of training. We ensure that training for all new concepts and methods are passed through to each of our trainees so they are suitably trained for on time implementation of schedules and meeting clients deadline.

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